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The leading digital payments and cash companies were struggling with the tools used to develop their technology. Automation was low, and developer satisfaction was even lower! 

GitLab was selected as the toolchain of choice to replace and Atlassian stack. In addition, OTTRA was chosen as the delivery partner working on installing, configuring, training and migrating workloads to the new platform. 

1200 developers have now migrated across to the new toolchain, and the other tools have been offboarded, reducing costs to the organisation. As a result, developer satisfaction is rising, and they have been able to template and automate CI pipelines.

OTTRA advises the customer on how they can consolidate further by utilising the security capabilities within the GitLab product, retiring other tools currently in use. 

Initially, the customer wanted to deploy GitLab themselves as they have the technical skills within the business. However, it became evident that despite having those skills implementing a new toolchain at enterprise scale needed people who had done it before for better results, quicker with lower cost as well!  

See Our Customers

See Our Customers

What Our Clients Have To Say

We could not introduce the necessary automation to innovate at pace with our previous toolchain. We engaged OTTRA to provide us with a GitLab implementation that we could migrate to and begin the process of improving our speed of development.

- Chief Technical Officer

OTTRA took our ideas, tested them and provided feedback about how we could substantially drive performance by using Kubernetes. They had the idea, and they built a working model that allowed us to obtain buy-in from senior stakeholders. 

- Lead Engineer, Global Systems Integrator

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We engaged OTTRA to deploy GitLab and set the deployment up for success. We are a healthcare insurance provider, so ensuring that the development environment was compliant was critical to our success. OTTRA took us from a multi-tool siloed setup to a single tool development environment with GitLab.

- Multi-National Healthcare Insurer

See The Case Study


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