OTTRA helps businesses from around Europe to Adopt.GitLab.Fast. We are Europe’s only GitLab exclusive Select Partner providing services to help you maximise your GitLab investment

OTTRA was one of the very first certified partners for GitLab in Europe. We have explicitly invested in developing GitLab knowledge across the entire GitLab offering, from planning to Security and Monitoring.

We provide a range of services that help organisations maximise their investment in GitLab. We can also guide and advise those considering switching to GitLab from their current tools.

The biggest mistake made by GitLab adopters is to think that the installation can be done simply by following the docs. Time and again we see customers attempt to install GitLab and end up taking months longer than they intended. We advocate for you using a company like ours to reduce the time to value, rescue the cost of install and ensure that you don’t bake in issues that impact the system for years to come.

One of the common requests we encounter is how to move from our current tooling to a DevOps platform. It can be a tricky process but generally not as scary as you may think. Engage OTTRA to help you plan and automate your migrations to enable you to adopt the value of GitLab at speed. 

 As part of our services offering we provide training to ensure that your users can make the most of their new DevOps Platform. We are certified by GitLab to provide admin and user training across the entire platform. Training can also encompass other onboarding and promotion for the new platform. 

As a GitLab reseller, OTTRA can provide you with competitive GitLab pricing and flexible payment terms. This, combined with professional services, means you won't need to engage with multiple vendors to get the right outcome.

Why GitLab?

OTTRA was created with the vision of the DevOps platform becoming the best way to develop modern software. We believe GitLab is the best DevOps Platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return by delivering software faster and efficiently while strengthening security and compliance.

Click below for more information on GitLab benefits, and start your free GitLab Ultimate Trial today!

Click below for more information on GitLab benefits, and start your free GitLab Ultimate Trial today!

What Our Clients Have To Say

OTTRA took our ideas, tested them and provided feedback about how we could substantially drive performance by using Kubernetes. They had the idea, and they built a working model, which allowed us to obtain buy-in from senior stakeholders. 

- Lead Engineer, Global Systems Integrator

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We engaged OTTRA to deploy GitLab and set the deployment up for success. We are a healthcare insurance provider, so ensuring that the development environment was compliant was critical to our success. OTTRA took us from a multi-tool siloed setup to a single tool development environment with GitLab.

- Digital Transformation Director, Global Healthcare Insurer

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We were unable to introduce the necessary automation to innovate at pace with our previous toolchain. We engaged OTTRA to provide us with a GitLab implementation that we could migrate to and begin the process of improving our speed of development

- Chief Technical Officer

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