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OTTRA helps businesses from around Europe to Adopt.GitLab.Fast. We are Europe’s only GitLab exclusive Select Partner providing services to help you maximise your GitLab investment

OTTRA helps businesses in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand adopt GitLab faster, easier, and more cost effectively, giving developers the ultimate DevOps platform to build software efficiently and securely.

As one of the first GitLab certified partners in Europe, our team has developed a deep expertise across the entire GitLab stack from planning and migration to security and monitoring.

We offer a range of services to help organisations maximise their GitLab investment. We also provide guidance to companies considering migrating from their current DevSecOps tools.

How it Works

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Why GitLab?

We believe GitLab is the best way for organisations to deliver software at high velocity while strengthening security and compliance (and maximising return). Click below to learn more about the GitLab platform and start your free trial today!
Click below for more information on GitLab benefits, and start your free GitLab Ultimate Trial today!

Click below for more information on GitLab benefits, and start your free GitLab Ultimate Trial today!

Why Clients Trust OTTRA

"OTTRA took our ideas, tested them and provided feedback about how we could substantially drive performance by using Kubernetes. They had the idea, and they built a working model, which allowed us to obtain buy-in from senior stakeholders."
- Lead Engineer, Global Systems Integrator

Discover Our Case Studies

We engaged OTTRA to deploy GitLab and set the deployment up for success. We are a healthcare insurance provider, so ensuring that the development environment was compliant was critical to our success. OTTRA took us from a multi-tool siloed setup to a single tool development environment with GitLab.

- Digital Transformation Director, Global Healthcare Insurer

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We were unable to introduce the necessary automation to innovate at pace with our previous toolchain. We engaged OTTRA to provide us with a GitLab implementation that we could migrate to and begin the process of improving our speed of development

- Chief Technical Officer

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