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A leading provider of healthcare and healthcare insurance wanted to adopt DevOps to accelerate speed to market, increase collaboration and understand security vulnerabilities present in its codebase.

Migrating 100 developers from a multi-tool toolchain to a single tool using GitLab. Provide consultancy and support to help adopt DevOps best practices within the organisation.

The organisation saw an immediate cost reduction by reducing multiple applications' licenses and infrastructure costs. In addition, implementing GitLab has led to creating a development space that facilitates culture change to be able to adopt DevOps. As a result, teams are already reporting a 10x improvement in change velocity.

OTTRA has created a program of DevOps learning and consulting workshops to help the teams maximise their investment, not only in GitLab but also in the practice of DevOps. In addition, we will support this customer to shift to cloud-native development, leveraging containers and microservices on the way as they start to break down their monolithic code and environment setup.

One of the engaging lessons learned from working with this customer is that a significant benefit they have seen is an increase in developer satisfaction. This has been put down to the fact that spinning up development environments now takes minutes, allowing them to start work immediately.

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We engaged OTTRA to deploy GitLab and set the deployment up for success. We are a healthcare insurance provider, so ensuring that the development environment was compliant was critical to our success. OTTRA took us from a multi-tool siloed setup to a single tool development environment with GitLab.

- Multi-National Healthcare Insurer

OTTRA took our ideas, tested them and provided feedback about how we could substantially drive performance by using Kubernetes. They had the idea, and they built a working model, which allowed us to obtain buy-in from senior stakeholders. 

- Lead Engineer, Global Systems Integrator

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We could not introduce the necessary automation to innovate at pace with our previous toolchain. We engaged OTTRA to provide us with a GitLab implementation that we could migrate to and begin the process of improving our speed of development.

- Chief Technical Officer

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