OTTRA was founded in 2020 with a firm belief that GitLab had the best product for software development and had the right culture and beliefs to continue to to be a leader in software development for years to come. We recognised that in order to maximise the power that exists within GitLab you need experienced guides to help support the setup, adoption and optimisation of GitLab.  OTTRA has been helping customers ever since and we continue to grow as a business and help more and more customers. 

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TeamOps and OTTRA

OTTRA runs its business using an operational method that was originally pioneered by GitLab called TeamOps. TeamOps enables remote teams to evolve fast using four guiding principals. Shared Reality, Equal Contributions, Decision Velocity and Measurement Clarity. It is designed to ensure maximum feedback while maintaining a high rate of change. It helps us to capture feedback from our customers, constantly improve and provide a great place to work for our employees.   

We are certified to the highest levels with GitLab and invest time effort and resource into ensuring that this will always be the case. In fact, we are the only GitLab Select Partner Globally who focus exclusively on GitLab. We have innovative solutions to common problems as well as the experience to solve them. One of the key ambitions for OTTRA is to be the most recommended GitLab partner by everyone we interact with. This includes the GitLab team, our customers, our employees and suppliers alike. 

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